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Optical Up-down Link Conversion and Modulation using WGM Signals for Short Range Telepathic Communication


Optical modulation; Telepathic communication; Telepathic telephony; Telepathic security; Telepathic memory


The human contact memory is established by registering perception when the two people becomes in contact, which is kept (allocated) within the human brain space permanently. The security codes between these two connections are generated and the information is blocked by these security codes if the end user is not the required one. On the other hand, the unlocked information is transmitted if the required end user is confirmed by the feedback brain signals (spirit signals), i.e. telepathic link, where finally, the required security codes are opened and the information is transmitted. In this study, the silicon-on-insulator PANDA microring resonator with conjugated mirror can be used as the probe medium which is able to transmit, retrieve, amplified and filtered the brain signal as the signal pass through the ring waveguide due to the nonlinear Kerr effect. Ring resonator system includes of the conjugated mirror which provide the signal’s whispering gallery mode (WGM). The pattern of the WGMs signal represents the positive or negative brain activities of the subjects. Similarly, the quantum flip-flop signals can also be generated using a coherent light source propagating within micro-optical device, where the Rabi oscillation frequency can be established to start/stop the transmission bits. The stream of information can be securely transmitted in the telepathic communication, which is suitable for short range usage.


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Optical Up-down Link Conversion and Modulation using WGM Signals for Short Range Telepathic CommunicationPreecha Yupapin, PhDInternational Journal of Exotic Technology, 1:1 (13 November 2014)

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